Childcare equipment rental service

Travel light with baby

Childcare equipment for hire Rental of yoyo strollers, high chairs, cots and more. 
Delivered, installed and picked up directly at your place of stay

Our rental childcare equipment

We offer for rent :

  • Yoyo stroller 6+, Birth, Cozy and Carrycot
  • Car seat, high chair, cot and bathtub
  • Chicco deckchair, Co-sleeping cradle, changing table, reducer/potty
  • Babyphone et videophone

We rent premium branded equipment ensuring safety and comfort for your baby

All our equipment is cleaned and revised after each use.

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Pack naissance

Vous attendez un bébé, et vous avez des doutes sur le matériel à avoir ? Découvrez notre pack naissance ! Une location moyenne durée pour s’adapter au mieux à votre bébé et à sa croissance.

How it works?



We take care of the delivery of the equipment to your place of accommodation.



When you arrive, the childcare equipment is already on site, ready to be used.


Pick up

At the end of your stay, we pick up the equipment. You have nothing to do.



We clean the equipment without chemicals, for the health of babies.



We work with an expert team for the repair and maintenance of our stroller.

Our childcare equipment rental locations.

Our childcare equipment rental locations.

We offer you equipment for your baby:

  • Lyon and Lyon airport alongside the Familliz service.
  • Deauville, Trouville, Honfleur and Cabourg

If you are not staying in these cities but in the surrounding area,  don't worry ! 
Contact-us  directly and we will discuss it together.